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    Apps similar to WhatsApp: the best alternatives

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    Instant messaging came into our lives a few years ago, and most of us haven't done without it anymore. The most used application in this area is certainly WhatsApp, which in recent years has been accusing the competition of other applications, one in particular.

    Many users are complaining about WhatsApp and its "old" functioning and many have emigrated to alternative chat services. In this article we will look at the best alternatives to WhatsApp.

    Alternative WhatsApp apps to use


    The main choice if you want to "escape" from WhatsApp, is definitely Telegram, probably the best app to chat but not only! Leaving aside the graphic aspect, which in Telegram it can also be slightly customized, it is the functions of this app that users like.

    Telegram has many advantages, such as saving photos in the cloud and not in the phone, and also saving chats is not local, so that you will not have to make any backups if you change devices, but you will have all your chats everywhere. In addition to being able to use Telegram web even if your Smartphone is not connected to the internet.

    The speed and fluidity are really excellent and also the feeling of "lightness" that you get when you send messages with this platform is unique compared to the others. In short, Telegram over the years has surpassed WhatsApp in many respects, even if many users remain loyal to the latter application.

    Facebook Messenger

    Many years ago in this article we would have talked about alternatives to Facebook Messenger, given that the chat of this social network was among the most used messaging apps. Facebook Messenger it has improved a lot over the years, both in terms of graphics and in terms of functionality. Unfortunately he has always had to chase, without differentiating himself and introducing new things.

    In the collective vision it is therefore not much taken into consideration, but it is certainly an excellent alternative to WhatsApp.


    Everyone will know Skype as a call and video call application and not as a WhatsApp type app. In reality it is not just that, at least not anymore. Obviously its main function remains the one mentioned above, but now it is also an excellent messaging client.

    Skype has all the main functions, such as voice messages and file sharing, and works very well as a messaging app, plus it is used by a lot of people, as it is linked to the Microsoft account and is also used a lot for making video calls.

    BBM Messenger

    Before it was much more used, now it is installed practically only on BlackBerry devices. In fact, the company has tried to make this messaging client public domain, opening it to all devices and not just their own.

    In general, BBM Messenger does not work badly, on the contrary, it is a very accurate and complete application (like all BlackBerry apps), but it is unfortunately little used. However, it remains an excellent alternative.

    To sum up, thethe only real alternative to WhatsApp is Telegram, which in many areas, as mentioned, is also superior to him. Many users are migrating to Telegram, which has grown a lot in recent times, so if you want applications similar to WhatsApp to try you have surely already found the best there is.

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