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    Animated emoticons on WhatsApp and animoji: how to use them

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    Le Animoji/Memoji have always been the center of attention in recent years. Seen like a real one innovation, have become the obsession of many users who use them as a substitute for the classic ones emoji. Today everyone has fun creating their own animated figure (modifying it with objects or fictional characters) and share it with friends. As you well know, the Animoji belong to Apple, so they are seamlessly integrated into the operating system iOS. On Androidhowever, it is possible to resort to some uses that allow the creation and use of animated emoticons. Remember, however, that you have to pay close attention to their use especially within messaging services such as WhatsApp.

    The hoaxes on animated emoticons on WhatsApp

    Initially (but still today) there were frequent "announcements" regarding the possibility of activate animated emoticons on WhatsApp. This notice came in the form of SMS, which invited you to click on link attached to proceed with the activation of the service. Know that they are buffaloes very dangerous, as these SMS contain virus e malware that can also damage the user's information and device. For this we invite you to lend a lot caution to these SMS, and to use only services secure ed reliable like those that we will propose to you in the course of this guide.

    Use Animoji / Memoji on WhatsApp

    As mentioned before, the Animoji were introduced by Apple with the advent of theiPhone X, and consist of animated emojis (depicting fictional characters) that mimic the movements of the user's face via the camera. Later, however, Apple also introduced the Memoji, or rather animated reproductions of our face using the 3D reconstruction. This means that if until recently it was possible to use only animal figures (or fictional characters), now we have our own face in a cartoon version. You can use Animoji / Memoji with iPhone on WhatsApp following a few simple steps:

    • Open the application Messages
    • Select a contact of your choice to send a message to (or type the your number in order to send you the message)
    • Press the icon of Animoji / Memoji
    • Select theAnimoji / Memoji
    • Press the icon at the bottom right to start the registration of the video
    • By pressing the arrow icon that appears at the end of the recording, invest the message
    • Press and hold on the message you just sent
    • Press on Save

    Now the video will be saved inside yours camera roll.

    • Open WhatsApp
    • Select the chat
    • Send the video by identifying it in the gallery

    Send animated emoticons on WhatsApp with Android

    If you use a device Android you will not be able to use Apple's animated emoticons, but you can take advantage of applications that will allow you to create them and share them on WhatsApp.


    Snapchat, the well-known social network, integrates a function that will help you create your own animated emoticons. Indeed, by recording a video and choosing the effect you like most (cartoon, caricatured, other animated characters or decorations) you will have the video to share on WhatsApp. All you have to do is:

    • To open Snapchat
    • Log in by entering yours credentials (or create an account)
    • Press the icon relating to effects (located to the right of the video recording button)
    • Select the effect and start the registration of the video
    • Save the video or share it on other social networks

    Emoji maker

    Emoji maker is another great application capable of create animated emoticons from share with friends. You can create custom emoticons while having fun choosing theeffect more appropriate and start the registration of the video. Once the video is finished, you will find it in the section Le mie Emoji but also within the gallery. In this way, once you open WhatsApp and select the chat you can share immediately the video containing your animated emoticon.

    Depending on the device used there are several solutions to share your animated emoticons on WhatsApp. As said before, I remind you of pay attention to the services you use and to be wary of SMS or WhatsApp chains with invitations to click on link inserted to activate the service, as they are buffaloes.

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