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    Android WhatsApp update on supported devices

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    WhatsApp, you know, it is the most used application by Android users and, by now, it has replaced the "obsolete" SMS, used only for emergencies or other small events.
    Precisely for this reason, more and more people, even inexperienced ones, have decided to change their mobile phones with a smartphone but among the thousand problems there is one particularly hostile for the accustomed: updates.
    Updates, while inconvenient, are essential and skipping several of them can become dangerous as hackers periodically manage to find flaws in the code of applications or operating systems that are readily "plugged" by programmers. This is why having WhatsApp updated is very important since it is one of the most popular applications for crackers. So let's see how update WhatsApp safely and easily on Android devices.

    Update via Play Store

    The most recommended update method is via the Play Store, the hub of Android applications.
    In fact, the Play Store not only allows us to download new applications but also to manage their updates in an easy, fast and intuitive way. In fact, after opening it, tapping on the three horizontal lines at the top left and then on "My apps and games", by default, the Play Store will immediately open the page relating to updates and, if WhatsApp Messenger also appears among these, just click on Update.

    In the event that, for any reason, the Play Store does not show you the updates page, the procedure changes slightly.
    In fact, looking for "WhatsApp" in the appropriate space and opening the application page, if an update is available, the Play Store will immediately return a button "Update".
    If, as in the third screen, the button returns the message "Open", it means that the application is already updated.

    However, if you do not want to always do all this procedure, know that there are also automatic updates, which can always be activated from the Play Store, which will automatically update your applications (under Wi-Fi network).
    from Settings always reachable by tapping on the three horizontal lines at the top right, selecting "Automatic app update”We will be able to decide whether to activate this function and whether to activate it only under the Wi-Fi network in order not to consume GB.

    Update via APK

    It may happen that the Play Store does not work, functions abnormally or does not return any updates. Do not worry.
    The Play Store, in fact, although it is a huge source of applications, is not the only way to install them and, thanks to the freedom offered by Android, we will be able to update WhatsApp even without the Store. The simplest way would be through the application site but, for a few months now, the "Download" menu item refers directly to the Play Store, so you have to find an alternative, an alternative which is called APKMirror.

    APKMirror is a site that contains all the APKs of the main Android applications and catalogs them perfectly, by entering the date, release number and whether they are Beta, Alpha or not. So, just go here and download the latest stable version of WhatsApp compatible with your processor. Once this is done, you will end up with an .apk file which is an application installation file.
    Tapping on it, Android will open its "installer”And it will ask you whether or not to install the application: in case it tells you that the application is already updated to that version, it goes without saying that there will be no need for any update.

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