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    € 150 voucher from Zara on WhatsApp? It's a hoax!

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    Remember when we told you about a WhatsApp hoax that had made many victims, namely the one concerning an alleged (and obviously fake) 50 € voucher that H&M offered to everyone after filling out a form (fake)?

    Well, just a few weeks later exactly the same thing is happening, but the unaware protagonist is the Zara clothing chain: as evidenced by the image below, it seems that it is possible to obtain a € 150 voucher from Zara on WhatsApp, simply by filling out the form received via a link on the messaging app.

    In practice, numerous users are receiving a message similar to the one below:

    Not even to say it, it is a sound hoax: if you open the link (don't do it, I repeat, DON'T DO IT) you will find yourself on a malicious web page (with .mobi domain), which vi will ask you to turn off the WiFi and continue to obtain the long-awaited good.

    DON'T do it, as it is likely you will be asked to install something and will spread the bogus message in a chain to all WhatsApp contacts and, in all likelihood, will come activated a Premium subscription on your number (that's why you are asked to turn off the WiFi) that it will take a lot of credit from your SIM.

    So do not fall victim to this hoax: carefully avoid visiting the link and notify the friend who sent it to you that you are probably the victim of a scam. If you are looking for real Zara discount codes, it is better to refer to safe and reliable sites.

    If, on the other hand, it is already too late and like good discount seekers (yes, chickens were better off, but given the period € 150 to spend is always tempting) you are falls into the trap, contact the customer service of your operator asking the deactivation of Premium services, scan your smartphone or tablet with an antivirus and change your system account password and possibly all other accounts configured in the mobile browser.

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